An interview with Celia Friedman in “Nowa Fantastyka”/ Wywiad z Celią Friedman w “Nowej Fantastyce”

In the newest issue of “Nowa Fantastyka”, the oldest Polish SF/fantasy magazine, there will be an inteview with Celia Friedman. More on this topic here (an advertisment for the May 2012 issue) and here (NF’s Facebook profile).

WS najnowszym numerze “Nowej Fantastyki” będzie można znaleźć wywiad z Celią Friedman. Więcej  tutaj (reklamówka nru majowego) i tutaj (NF na Facebooku)

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Some interesting links!

Well, they say better late than never… Recently I have found two interesting posts on Celia Friedman’s writings. Both are from the blog of Jared and both were written over a year ago, and I have only found them recently via Google+.

The first is an analytical piece on the treatment of religion in The Coldfire Trilogy and The Magisters series.

The second is a passionate polemics with the author’s opinion on slash fanfiction.

One may agree or not, but, in my opinion, both are well worth reading!

Also, it reminds me that it is high time that I wrote an analytical piece on slash fiction myself. My opinions did evolve in recent years and the essay I wrote ten years ago and that can be found on this blog now seems too me hopelessly simplistic and naive, not to say, in some places, downright stupid…

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A new Coldfire story in Polish translation!/ Nowa Fantastyka opublikuje mini-powieść ze świata Coldfire!

The Polish translation of the newest story by Celia S. Friedman, set in the Coldfire world, will be published in the next issue of Nowa Fantastyka!

Najnowszy tekst Celii S. Friedman, mini-powieść ze świata Trylogii Zimnego Ognia, ukaże się w przyszłym numerze Nowej Fantastyki!


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The Reason

Ten years ago I fell in love with a novel by Celia S. Friedman. This is a tribute to this love.

For now, most of the content has been moved here from my now defunct fan site for the author ( More to come, hopefully.

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