Fanart: mine, not necessarily good

On my previous C. S. Friedman fan site I used to have a page with links for Coldfire fanart; sadly, vast majority of those do not work anymore – and some of those illustrations were quite brilliant.

Therefore, before I have time to find new links to more exciting projects, let me just put three of my own  works here. They are all inspired by scenes and visions from the The Coldfire Trilogy and I made them when I was learning how to use graphic programmes, around 2006, for exercise’s sake: my talents definitely do not lay in the area of fine arts. Nevertheless, I made those as a hommage to the books I love and – just to keep them somewhere – I decided to put them here.

Disclaimer: Of course, the themes and motifs are not mine and I am not making any financial profit from those.

1. The Blacklands

2. The Black Sun

3. The Wolvesmaster


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