Quiz project

Once upon a time I made a Coldfire Personality Quiz on Facebook; it’s available here.

Now in case anyone was interested, here is the draft of the quiz and all possible outcomes, just to see 🙂

Which ‘Coldfire Trilogy’ character are you?


Damien Vryce – You are loyal and brave, always keen on defending the weak and fighting against what your consider evil. You stick to your principles and give yourself fully to the case you believe in, but unlike many believers, you are able not olny listen to the opposite party, but also to admit that they might be partially right. Outspoken when it comes to defending your cause, you may, however, have trouble expressing more personal emotions. Courage is one of your main qualities.

Gerald Tarrant – You are brilliant and sarcastic – and it shows, as you do not tolerate fools gladly. Unable to yield to the authorities, you are often too proud for your own good. There is no price too high for you, when ot comes to getting what you want. You often set  for yourself impossible goals and succeed in them, but only you know how much it costs you. You do like to show off just a bit and are prone to dramatic gestures, yet you are also able to sacrifice everyting in the name of the case you truly believe in.

Ciani of Faraday – You want a lot fom life and you always get what you want. Gifted, wise, intellectually oriented and unconventional, you attract people to your multi-faceted personality and your good looks. There is, hoWever, a a danger that facing an emotional crisis you would choose to escape into your own ivory tower – be it your scholarly work, your passions or your charity enterprises.

Andrys Tarrant – You are sensitive, brave and reckless, all too prone to run away from trouble into your own chosen form of addiction, yet able, when truly believe in something, to show the proofs of real courage and dedication. Don’t let other people influence you too much!

Hesseth – you are a true warrior, brave and strong, perfectly able to fight for what you believe in and win. At the same time, you show a range of truly diplomatic skills, always able to serve as a conciliator between the conflicted sides. In the service of the good cause, you are able to set personal emotions aside and cooperate even with your worst enemy.

Calesta – you revel in destruction and chaos. Powerful and indomitable, you are anarchy incarnated, always planning and plotting, never surrendering. Cunning like a snake, you are the master of using your enemies’ weaknesses against them. You seem a personification of everything that is dangerous in humanity – and everything that’s ambitious.

The Patriarch – You are a true believer, a man of faith; and you try to live accoring to what you believe in. Strick and stern, always supporting the rights of the weak and helpless, you never hesitate to proudly admit that you stick to your own moral code. You demand a lot from others and even more from yourself. Sometimes this goes too far and you tend to come out as unforgiving, fanatical and unable to show mercy to those less perfect than you.

Narilka Lessing – you seem frail and delicate, but you are a strong and loyal person, always ready to stand by the ones you love. Dedicated to your work, you are a real professional, but you are ready to abandon it together with the rest of your daily live for the person you truly and deeply love.

Karril – You are a real true hedonist: your pleasures and your peace of mind are of utmost importance to you. Charming and amiable, you are a soul of every company. People love you: you are easy-going, and merrymaking seems the most natural occupation to you. Yet those who dismiss you as a weak, pleasure-loving Epicurean are up for a surprise: seldom has the world seen a friend as loyal and as persistent as you are.


You are facing a dilemma of choosing one of the two evils, both terryfing and potentially disastrous. What would you do?

Damien: Clench my teeth, choose the lesser one and then pay the price for the bad things that happened.

Gerald: Cheat and look for the third way out.

Ciani: Go away, give up the choice and prepare to do charity work among those affected by the evils.

Andrys: Get drunk first to postpone the decision

Hesseth: Fight both of them until the bitter end.

Calesta: Choose the one from which I would benefit more.

Patriarch: Look for an answer in my holy book .

Narilka: Choose what is better for my family and those I love.

Karill: Run away to my carefully prepared hiding place, taking my friends with me- by force, if need be.

To save the day, you must consider cooperating with someone whose actions and beliefs you find repulsive. What would be your decision?

Damien: I would shout “never” in the first impulse, but probably reconsider later.

Gerald: I would agree, cooperate and immediately start planning the destruction of the unwanted ally

Ciani: I would write down the pros and cons and make a rational and informed decision based on them

Andrys: I would shout “yes!” in the first impulse and probably regret later

Hesseth: I would cooperate, never hiding from my new ally what I think of them

Calesta: Repulsive? What do you mean?

Patriarch: I would do what the laws of my society dictate me

Narilka: I would cooperate with the devil himself, but only to save those I really care for

Karill: There is little I would find repulsive. However, even I have my rules…

You consider yourself:

Damien: A man of my word

Gerald: Indispensable

Ciani: A professional

Andrys: A loser

Hesseth: A fighter

Calesta: An ultimate seducer

Patriarch: A servant of the noble cause

Narilka: A just person

Karill: An Epicurean

What is it that you would never sacrifice to get what you want?

Damien: My friends

Gerald: My humanity

Ciani: My intellect

Andrys: I would give up my life, but I’d find it hard to give up my addictions first…

Hesseth: My people

Calesta: I tend to get what I want without sacrifices

Patriarch: My faith

Narilka: My beloved person

Karill: My everyday pleasures

What is your weakness?

Damien: I am rather short-tempered

Gerald: I am vain to the extreme

Ciani: I cannot bear the thought of getting old

Andrys: I tend to drink a bit too much

Hesseth: I feel alienated from my society

Calesta: I believe I am irresistible

Patriarch: I am dogmatic in my beliefs

Narilka: I fall in love with wrong people

Karill: I am an oportunist

You fancy:

Damien: Fit and athletic types

Gerald: Beautiful people

Ciani: Tall and dangerous ones

Andrys: Dominating personalities

Hesseth: Those strong enough to impress me

Calesta: It’s them who fancy me.

Patriarch: I have no time for this.

Narilka: Those in need of a mother/nurse

Karill: Anyone. I mean, anyone.

If you could live in the house of your dreams, it would be:

Damien: Any place, I don’t care

Gerald: Private and hidden from view

Ciani: Elegant and classy

Andrys: A hotel room

Hesseth: A house in the country

Calesta: The whole world would be my palace

Patriarch: Old and elegant, but modest

Narilka: Small and cosy

Karill: A sumptuous villa

You wish to die…

Damien: With clean conscience

Gerald: Never again

Ciani: Young, after many years of fruitful life. Yes, I know it’s a contradiction

Andrys: Stoned

Hesseth: Fighting

Calesta: I don’t plan to

Patriarch: For my cause

Narilka: Having great-great grandchildren

Karill: Die? No, it’s too boring…

What’s your opinion on organized religion?

Damien: I value it;  sometimes, however, I value my own moral judgement more than what’s written in holy books

Gerald: It is necessary for the peace and prosperity of the society

Ciani: I’m a freethinker and I don’t care much for it

Andrys: It did not help me in my worst hours

Hesseth: It is a tool of oppression and it brings out the worst in men

Calesta: I hate it

Patriarch: It gives my life a purpose

Narilka: I would embrace it for the good of those I love

Karill: It is SO boring…

Your ideal friend would be:

Damien: My former enemy

Gerald: My complete opposite

Ciani: My employee

Andrys: An angel of mercy

Hesseth: Someone who worked hard to earn my respect

Calesta: God protect me from friends!

Patriarch: Someone who shares my values

Narilka: My boss

Karill: My business partner

Questions? Problems? An important character missing? Let me know!


One Response to Quiz project

  1. goblin says:

    This is wonderful. I almost laughed tears. There’s one mistake, though. Tarrant kept his human soul, but did indeed sacrifice his humanity when he struck his bargain with the Unnamed. Otherwise: perfect!

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