The Coldfire Trilogy

The sacrifice is not of your body. (…). It is… of my humanity.
(G.T., BSR p. 17)

Church manners are so atrocious (…). They have no concept how to deal with the faeborn. As if they could wish us out of existence merely by being rude.
(Karril to Senzei Reese, on Damien’s behaviour, BSR p. 92)

That blustering fool of a priest.
(the Patriarch, on Damien, BSR p. 66)

Church sensibilities, once more. My theme for the week.
(Karril to Gerald, BSR p. 97)

“It doesn’t concern you”.
“Everything concerns me”.
(Karril and Gerald, BSR p. 98)

There’s nothing in my Order’s charter about peace. Or in the Church’s manifesto, for that matter. It’s all post-war PR.
(Damien, BSR)

Damn her”, Damien muttered.
“And women in general”, Senzei growled.
“That, too”.
(BSR, p. 144)

“You Heal?”
“Not for some time”.
(Damien and Gerald, on their first meeting)

“I don’t kill innocents” (…)
“There are no innocents”.
(Damien and Gerald, still on their first meeting)

“Are you that?” (…)
“Am I what?”
(Damien/Gerald/Damien, in Kale)

I did underestimate you. (…) My apologies. It won’t happen again.
(Tarrant, to Damien, in Kale, BSR p. 181)

I don’t make a habit of explaining myself.
(Tarrant, to Damien, in Kale, BSR p. 183)

All the sorcerors in the Forest and we have to get a smartass.
(Damien, on Tarrant after his lecture on volcanoes, BSR p. 197)

It’s been a long time since I stared at the sun.
(Gerald Tarrant <who else?>, to Damien in Kale, BSR p. 200)

Forest. Where men devour men.
(Hesseth, BSR p. 210)

I’ve killed nastier things.
(Damien Vryce, on the possibility of killing Tarrant, BSR p. 212)

“What a woman. Give me ten like that and I could take an empire”
“It’s getting hard enough just keeping track of one”.
(Damien and Senzei on Ciani, BSR p. 213)

And no more going unarmed (…). That means if you go behind the bushes to take a piss, you have a sword in your hand when you do it. You go off to bed a woman, I want a sword on the pillow next to you.
(Damien, to Senzei Reese, BSR p. 213)

I don’t keep track of the Hunter’s women.
(Amoril, to Damien, BSR p. 239)

(…) You’re brave, sun-man. Or stupid. Or both.
(Amoril, to Damien, BSR p. 239)

“You vulking bastard…”.
(…) “The soul of courtesy, as always. You surprise me, priest. I would think that the premier of your Order deserved more respect”.
(Damien and Gerald, on their meeting in Jahanna, BSR p. 249)

“You’re no servant of the Church!”
“Oh, I am that. More than you can possibly understand”.
(Damien and Gerald, on their meeting in Jahanna, BSR p. 249)

(…) “the three of you will go to the rakhlands, just as you planned. In addition, your chance of success has increased considerably – because I will be going with you.”
“Like hell you are!”. (…)
(Gerald/Damien/Gerald, on their meeting in Jahanna, BSR p. 249)

“The scent of death is on him” (…)
“I’m surprised you can make it out in this place”.
(Gerald and Damien, on Senzei, BSR p. 250)

And what if some idiot lights a match when I’m gone?
(Gerald being paranoid about the situation in the Forest just before leaving, BSR p. 274)

It spares me the inconvenience of killing every time I travel. Surely you find this appealing.
(Gerald, explaining why he would not reveal his identity as the Hunter, BSR p. 279)

I have no desire to test my limits.
(G.T., BSR p. 280)

The human soul’s a dark place – who knows that better than I?
(still the same, BSR p. 282)

You understand that it’s somewhat jarring for me to hear a woman refer to my presence as safe.
(Gerald, to Ciani, BSR p. 284)

I’m alive. (…) As much as that word can apply.
(G.T., BSR p. 294)

“They can swim”.
“You sure of that?” (…)
“You mean, am I sure they were born with that instinct? I made certain of it.
(Tarrant and the captain from Sattin, on the party’s horses, BSR p. 296)

“I know heads of state who would give their lives to have half your influence”.(…)
“If they truly gave their lives, they might have it all”.
(Damien and Tarrant, BSR p. 299)

“You’re hurt.”
“How observant.”
(D.V and G.T., BSR p. 302)

As far as I’m concerned, your company isn’t so pleasant that I would keep you around just for conversation.
(Damien to guess whom, BSR p. 304)

Excuse me for challenging your cannon.
(Damien to Gerald, BSR p. 313)

How are you at parting the waters?
(Damien to Gerald <and it amused none but them>, BSR p. 320)

“Your eyes are better than mine, Hunter”.
“That goes without saying”.
(D.V. & G.T., BSR p. 324)

“I trust you, too”.
(Damien, on a display of absolute distrust from Tarrant, BSR p. 237)

A knife through the heart is as fatal to an adept as it is to anyone else.
(Gerald had said that once and at some point almost everyone repeats it, like Damien in BSR p. 335)

If you meant to kill us, you waited too long. If you have any other intention, now’s the time to make it known. I find myself short of patience.
(Gerald to the rakh leader (Hesseth), BSR p. 345)

Utter discipline, total submission – and an echo of pain and fear so intense that Damien, remembering the man’s expression, still shivered before the force of it.
(Damien witnessing shapeshifting, BSR p. 347)

“You need to get warm, fast”.
“Tell me something I don’t know”.
(Gerald/ Damien, BSR p. 350)

It’s not my favourite emotion.
(i.e. shame, which isn’t obviously _Tarrant’s_ favourite emotion, BSR p. 352)

The man’s got his priorities straight. Appearance tops the list.
(Damien, obviously on Tarrant, BSR p. 352)

Humanity is like a disease. It spreads without limits.
(the rakh on humans, BSR p. 355)

Damn you, Hunter. For making us need you. Damn you for everything.
(one of Damien’s trademark phrases, BSR p. 369)

Bluntness is one of your few redeeming traits.
(Tarrant to Damien, BSR p. 377)

When all this is over – when our enemy has been dealt with and we’re safely out of the rakhlands – I will kill you, Hunter. And rid the world of your taint forever. I swear it.
(thus spake Damien Vryce, BSR p. 379)

And the only reason it didn’t kill me just now is my link to Tarrant. The sword knows its own.
(Damien, reflecting grimly after having retrieved Tarrant’s coldfire blade from The Lost Ones)

Just like him, too. Even in death his evil affects us.
(Damien, on Tarrant after the latter’s imprisonment)

The power does not come from within us, but from without.
(Tarrant on the nature of “magic” on Erna, quoted by Damien, BSR)

I would sooner walk through the gates of hell (…) than loose that man on the world again
(that’s Damien, some years before he did walk through the gates of Hell to set loose the very same man; BSR)

(…) every minute I encouraged him rather than cutting him down will count against me at my day of judgment.
(Damien, as usual; BRS)

The man’s a monster – even worse than that, a monster who once was human.
(Damien. On Tarrant. BRS)

Damn you, Tarrant. Damn you to hell. (…) You’d better be worth it, you bastard.


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