Glossary: The Madness Season

aaryeh – a Saudar term for essence of life (energy?)

Aesim Kol Tagayrak No-Alym Hume – a scientist from Dome 8 on Yuang, killed by the explosion in Dome 8, whose identity was assumed by Daetrin (?)

Agatha – Daetrin’s neighbour, probably in medieval times

Alex – Daetrin’s assumed name during his love affair with Lucille (time unknown)

Alexander – Daetrin’s given name, the one used by his father

angdattwa – a Tyrran fortress. All the angdatwas have been built to resemble a Tyr hiding place in the natural rock on the Tyr home planet

Andrews – Daetrin’s assumed surname during the war against the Tyr preceding the Subjugation

Asako – a female scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang, a linguist

Bael – a citizen of the Cantona settlement

Bianca – Daetrin’s female companion/lover, when he was using the name Tonio, a vampire (long gone)

Brigit –Daetrin’s female companion/lover, perhaps a vampire (?) (long gone)

Cantona – a human settlement on Meyaga, with a local religious sect based loosely on Christian religion, whose leader was a Marra-priest disguised as a human

Daetrin Ungashak To-Alym Haal – a human, as he fiercely insists, and a vampire, though he never ascribes rhis name to himself, from a vampire family. His mother was a priestess and an oracle, father a scholar, an interpreter of dead languages in Alexandria. Daetrin also had a sister named Yolanda, later killed by humans. Daetrin was known by many names (we know that his father called him Alexander and that at some point he was called Frederick, Tonio, Alex and Mr. James). When we meet him he is around 2800 years old (?). One may assume that he was born in Hellenistic Alexandria, the language of his childhood was Greek, then he lived for some time in Rome (antiquity), Florence and Milan (Renaissance?), after the Subjugation he settled in Georgia, USA. As a volunteer pilot he took active part in the futile defence of Earth against the Tyrran conquest. A shapeshifter, a scientist, a teacher, a rebel, a lover, a parent of the new Tyr, the saviour of Earth. More or less since the XX c. Daetrin was denying his nature, believing himself to be rather a human with unusually long life span and a lack of certain digestive enzymes in his body (which forced him to feed directly on blood) than a creature of myths and legends, able to shapechange, gifted and strong beyond the measures of humanity. Finally he too was taken from his home planet by the Tyr. His time on the Talguth longship proved his previous attitude wrong. Using his shapechanging skill Daetrin managed to escape during the stop on Meyaga, where he has encountered Kiri, a Marra, with whom he joined forces and who has later, in her assumed human form, has become his lover. They left the planet in the hraas form after the failure of the local attempt to rebellion and headed for the Domes on Yuang. Daetrin managed to convince the scholars in the Domes to accept him and his plan: Daetrin would shapechange into Raayat-Tyr and infect the whole of Tyr with fear thus rendering it vulnerable to the hraas and Tekk alike. Nearly losing his human identity in the process of becoming Tyr, Daetrin managed to get to the mating chamber on the Tyr home planet, almost killed the Giver of Life (mother of the race), refrained from doing so only for the fear of replacing it and becoming Tyr forever. Frederick the Raayat-Tyr did what Daetrin refused to do; as a result of the bargain with Frederick Daetrin became a father for the new, creative, individualized Tyr race. A part of this bargain was Daetrin’s safe return to Earth, where he assumed his human form and identity again and was reunited with Kiri.

Daniel – a human scientist in Dome 5 on Yuang

Degas of the Greedy Hand – Daetrin’s co-prizoner in Cantona, originally form the settlement of Doryek

Domes – a colony of human scientists on the planet Yuang, organized and regulated by the Tyr

Doryek – a settlement on Meyaga, a hometown of Degas

Errol – a red- haired male scholar in Lab 1, Dome 5 on Yuang

Eyes – a Tyrran device, built by human scientists; Eyes were inserted into the skull of a person (usually not even aware of their existence) and used by the Tyr to spy on humans

Frederick – the name Daetrin once used and then gave it to his Raayat companion/guard. The Raayar Frederick as the first of his species has gained at least partial individuality (due to first Daetrin’s and then the Dome 5 scholars’ influence) and subsequently has become a new Giver of Life for the Tyr. As such, he made a bargain with Daetrin, then in a Kuol-Tyr form: Daetrin would become a father of the renewed Tyr species, guaranteeing them individuality, and in exchange for this the scholars of the Domes and the Tekk of the Kamugwa longship would be saved, whereas Daetrin himself would be allowed to return to Earth.

Giver of Life – a female (?) Tyr, center of the gestalt, a mother of the species. The Giver is not born: when the times comes, a Rayaat-Tyr that comes to mate with it kills it and undergoes a change to take its place. Daetrin, in Tyr form, refused to do so; Frederick did and become a parent to the new Tyr

Gueya – a palnet where Kiri, then named Kesya’, was doing experiments in reproduction

Hanaa – a woman from Cantona, Relleg’s widow, used by Daetrin to get rid of the Marra priest: Daetrin assumed the form of her late husband and assured her that the priest kills innocent people falsely accusing them to be spies for the Tyr and having Eyes inserted

Hiann – the river on Meyaga, near the city of Suyaag

Honn-Tyr – the lesser form of the Tyr, the warriors/soldiers

Hraas – an intelligent predator species from the planet Tahuus, subjugated by the Tyr; it seems that the hraas, natural killers relying on sensing fear of individual life form that may be their potential prey, are thus unable to attack non-individual Tyr as long as they are not afraid. The hraas and Tekk humans successfully joined forces against the Tyr

Innagya/Innaia – Kiri’s former name, meaning water/ocean

iye’ kredai – a Saudar phrase meaning “yes, master”

iyert – a colour, visible to the Tyr and invisible to humans; on Tyrran longships, the leyq of this colour will lead to food

Io – a human on the starhip Talguth who has survived the Blooding and become a Tekk

James – a surname used by Daetrin when he first try to to find scientific explanation to his condition (early/middle XX c.?)

Jiande – a human boy, once Ntaya’s friend, who did not survive the ritual of Blooding and was killed by the hraas

Jiyotha – an intelligent species mentioned by Kiri

Jovus – one of the starshi of the longship Talguth

Kamugwa – a Tyrran longship, to which Ntaya was relocated and which Daetrin used later on to return to Earth

Kesyagataya (Kesya’) – Kiri’s former name, meaning “mother/breeder”

kiya – a Saudar word for “what?”

Kiri – Daetrin’s Marra companion and then lover, specializing in the (predominantly female) roles of Healer and Nurturer; in Saudar times an excellent diplomat, later a rebel against the rule of the Tyr. She was reunited with Daetrin after his return to Earth. The name “kiri” means “youthful”, “playful”

Kost – a rebellious Marra on Tsing, with a self-given name; his idea of Marra domination over the embodied races has made him first an unwilling ally and later enemy to Kiri and the Marra priest

kreda – a Saudar word meaning master, keeper or guardian, used to describe relationship between a Marra and his/her companion

Kualga-Angdatwa – the Tyr fortress and ruyling palace on Earth built over the ruins of Sydney

Kuel Hunnaerag Summa Kan-Eslay Ti – a scientist from Dome 8 on Yuang, killed by the explosion in Dome 8, whose identity was assumed by Kiri (?)

Kuol- Tyr – one of the classes/forms of the Tyr, rulers and governors

Kygattra – the planet where majority of Tyr research centres were located; it was a small planet, with no day/night cycle, no moons and moderate weather, without a change of seasons

leyq – multicoloured orientation lines on the Tyrran starships, designed for the orientation of the Raayat, made to resemble the ones made in the home planet by the leyq-makers

leyq-maker – a jellyfish/snail-like creature of the Tyr home planet

li’o kagye saye aal – a Saudar phrase, probably meaning “a consumer of life”

Louis – an assistant to the doctor who was supposed to assess Daetrin’s (then called Mr James) medical condition (early/mid-XX c.?)

Lucille – Daetrin’s lover (time unknown)

Major Tanhaus – Daetrin’s commander during the first war against the Tyr

Marguerethe – Daetrin’s neighbour and lover, probably in medieval times

Marike – a woman from Cantona

Marra – an intelligent race, disembodied and able to mimick any form; under the rule of the Saudar the Marra served as diplomats. After the Tyr conquest they were scattered and partially imprisoned in their chosen bodies; there are six basic pattern the Marra could follow, among them a Healer, a Nurturer, a Competitor

Marragyath – the full form of the Saudar noun describing the Marra, meaning “devil”

Meyaga – a planet , home to several the human colonies organized by the Tyr

Niam – a scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang

Nogyat Um Kaag To-Sem Heyat – a 16 year old Tekk boy, sent to the Domes; Daetrin met him on Talguth. He intended to inform the Tyr about the true goal of the scientists in the Domes. As a traitor of Earth, he was killed by Frederick

Ntaya – a starsha (elder?) of the Tekk on the longship Talguth

Nunyeg – a man from Cantona, accused of having Eyes inserted and killed as a result

Origg – the mountains on Meyaga

Paes’ – the cowardly Marra of Suyaag, killed by explosion in the Old Places on Meyaga

Raal – a citizen of the Cantona settlement

Raayat-Tyr – one of the forms/classes of the Tyr, the Gatherers, also known as The Unstable Ones; the most independent and probably most prone to develop individuality, once in 70 human years all the Raayat come through a period of mentral instability, the madness season. As Daetrin and the scholars of Dome 5 discover, the Raayat are the young of the Tyr. Only after returning to the home planet and mating with the Giver, the one(s) that survive evolve into Kual-Tyr, the rulers

Relleg – a man from Cantona, a victim of the attack of the rats

Ria – a female scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang, a beautiful Spanish-type woman

Saudar – an inteligent race, trading in knowledge, the masters of the Marra, defeated by the Tyr; the Saudar were ugly, bulbous and pink, with grey slimey markings and five-eyed faces with tentacles

Sengey – a mountain on Meyaga, where the Marra-priest took shelter

Shian – the gas giant, the planet on which Kiri was trapped for approximately 500 years, thus missing the moment of the Tyrran conquest

starsha (pl. starshi) – an elder (?) of the Tekk

Sung – a human scientist in Dome 5 on Yuang, of Chinese origin

Suyaag – the cetral settlement on Meyaga, where the angdattwa was

Taahus – the home planet of the hraas

Tekk – the caste of human servants on the Tyr starships, subjugated to their masters by the ritual of Blooding; the secret purpose of the Tekk is to prepare a revolution against the Tyr

Teriza (Tereza?-both version of the name occur in the novel) – a female scientist in Dome 5 on Yuang

Tesla – a male scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang, of Amerindian origin

Tigris – a human child on the starhip Talguth who has survived the Blooding and become a Tekk

Tia – a female scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang

Tio – Kiri’s former name

Tiro – a scholar in Dome 5 on Yuang

tiye kuolqua – a Saudar phrase, adopted by the Tyr, meaning “this is the Will”

Tonio – a name assumed by Daetrin during his time with Bianca

Tsing – a planet with a native population of the six- legged, spiderlike creatures, colonized by Tyr

Tyr – an embodied, non-individual race of warriors and conquerors, sharing a common consciousness, reptile-like in appearance; in the span of about 500 years the Tyr, being extremely efficient warriors, had colonized most of the known universe including Earth, introducing its programme of Subjugation to eradicate all possible resistance; the Tyr consists of several classes (Honn-Tyr, Raayat-Tyr, Kuol-Tyr); the individuals are nothing more than extensions of the Tyr’s common Will and are referred to as “it”, not “he” or “she”; the centre of the Tyr gestalt is a Giver, a female (?) form, a mother of the entire generation; finally it always gets killed and replaced by a Raayat Tyr who has come to mate with it. Daetrin, in his Raayat body, almost became a Giver; Frederick became one for real

Tyrqua-Angdatwa – an original angdatwa, a hiding/mating underground place on the Tyr home planet

Ungar Dumayesh Ro-Kazzek Saen Taal – a Cantota citizen and Daetrin’s co-prizoner in Cantona, who was injured and died as a result of the rats’ attack

Willa – a human girl, once Ntaya’s friend, who did not survive the ritual of Blooding and was killed by the hraas

Yaan – a human scientist in Dome 5 on Yuang, the project director of Lab 3 in Dome 5

Yangal Ho-Ael Kasrit Yed Saen – Yann’s official (Tyrran) name

Yol Shiyaya To Hegyam Haal – Ntaya’s official (Tyrran) name

Yolanda – Daetrin’s sister, killed by the hunters when in her wolven form

Yuang – a planet, where the Tyr were placing human scholars; extremely dangerous and unsuitable for settlement, with poisonous atmosphere; humans on Yuang live and work in the Domes andwere entirely dependent on the supplies brought in by the Tyr

Yull – the Marra ritual of greeting and offering hospitality to one another

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