Glossary: This Alien Shore

Ainniq the hyperspace filled with alien life forms, intelligent predators known as sana, or dragons; only an outpilot can lead a ship thought it; the Guild used the comparison of the ainniq to the dark water under ice and the Nodes to the holes in the ice;
Alegonki a race of Variants with long, spindly legs;
Alexandria, Hariman a historical character, a Gueran search captain who had offered the Terrans a chance to make peace with the Variants and join the exploration of space which resulted in Earth signing the Guild contract and breaking the Isolation;
Allo a man who found Jamisia in the station, a blue-faced Castillian captain of the ship; he tried to kill her or sell her to her enemies; killed, probably either by the Tridac mission pretending to be Guild or by Chandras Delhi’s or other Guildmaster’s people (?); see Porsha, Allonzo;
Amberleight, C. J. a human scientist;
Amy Lan, Dr a scholar/scientist;
Anachron Nova a Guild station; a copy of the Lucifer virus found there was sent to the Guild headquarters for analysis;
Andres, Michal Phoenix’s real name;
Anduluvian a race of Variants;
Arbela, Chezare Ian Kent’s assistant;
Assivak a kaja;
Aurora the metroliner aboard which Jamisia was travelling; its captain was Viktoria Clarendon;
Bakira a kaja;
Belial a race of the Variants; the Belial were usually pairs or triplets (sometimes more) of siblings, sharing common consciousness;
Berlin, Arianne once a Guildmaster (sic!);
Bioware a biotech corporation;
Brainware a processor inserted into each newly born infant’s brain, allowing him/her to participate in the web of information; the modifications of the brainware were illegal and strictly forbidden;
Caesar’s Den a gambling place on Paradise station;
Cairo, Alya the Guildmistress Prima, head of the Guild; the lover of Devlin Gaza, she has nonetheless sentenced him to death (by sending him to the ainniq unprotected) for his crimes;
Calia Donnely a Variant officer on Allo’s ship with a strong dislike for Terrans;
Candida a planet famous for producing music cubes;
Capra, Jamisia see Shido, Jamisia
Capra, Selise Jamisia’s mother, she died in a transport accident (identity given in fake files, uncertain; at least the cause of death is false!);
Casalz, Federico a drug dealer and an owner of a station;
Casino Royale an elegant casino on Paradise station, owned by Sergey;
Caspar a planet/station;
Castillian a race of Variants with blue skin (Allo belonged to this race);
Chaos a female hacker, a friend of Phoenix, died trying to handle the Lucifer virus;
Cheulgu Kim an author of Ancient Truths for a New Age;
Chival, Tye a scholar who wrote On Being Human;
Clarendon, Justin a son of the Captain-General of Aurora, a boy of Jamisia’s age, her guide on the ship and her (or rather Katlyn’s) sometime lover. He intercepted the message from Earth secret police and warned Jamisia;
Clarendon, Viktoria the Captain-General of Aurora, Justin’s mother;
Corren, Duaen a philosopher and writer (?);
Danylon a place (?) or person (?), from where/whom Chandras Delhi’s security was getting information;
Delhi, Chandras a Guildmistress, head of the Serpent’s Reach station; an elderly wopman, disabled and requiring the spider-like mechanical device to move; cruel, paranoid and deadly efficient, she suggested that Jamisia should be killed to prevent the danger for the Guild
Derik Jamisia’s most rebellious personality, manifesting as a black-clad boy;
Destiny Station one of the Guild stations (ainniq nodes), considered troublesome by the Prima;
Deth Warrior a hacker, a friend of Phoenix, died trying to handle the Lucifer virus;
Devon a fake name used by Phoenix to have an illegal bioware installed;
Dhera Miklas Tridac’s lieutenant;
Dici, Stivan a hacker, employed by the Guild and working for Chandras Delhi; he sought to deprive his Mastress of her position and was punished severely for it;
Dietrich one of Allo’s torturers;
Dionysus an outship aboard which Jamisia, Phoenix and Masada were travelling back from the meeting with Devlin Gaza; as a result of the trap set by Gaza the outpilot was killed and the ship was meant to be lost in the ainniq; it was saved only by the manifestation of Jamisia’s last hidden personality, the one able to navigate the ainniq;
Dormia Station a station into the archives of which Torch broke;
Dr Alesia a replacement for Dr Masada in his University duties;
Dymacea, Janet a 21st c. clothing designer;
Earth Central Security (ECS) the central branch of the Terran government, dealing with security issues and the contacts of the Earth with other worlds;
Elisia one of the planets (? – stations?);
Etherea a Guild station; a copy of the Lucifer virus found there was sent to the Guild headquarters for analysis;
Eumenides a planet/station;
Exeter a Guild ship; Anton Varsav was travelling aboard it to reach Tiananmen Station;
Federal Safespace Security the police working in the space, mostly chasing smugglers;
First Bank of United Terra a bank where Jamisia’s money was deposited;
Frank one of the officers of the Wayward;
Frisia a home planet of the Frisian variants;
Frisian a race of Variants, covered in scales;
Gaza, Devlin a Guilmaster, the lover of Alya Cairo, head of the Guild programming team; a secret supporter of the Hausman league, he designed the plot that was meant to make the Guild move against Terra. He was discovered as a traitor by Phoenix and sentenced to death for his crimes: the designing of the Lucifer virus, the plot heading to the new Isolation of Earth, the death of Ian Kent and the attempted murder of Kio Masada, Phoenix and Jamisia. He died in the ainniq;
Gehenna a planet inhabited by Variants;
Greer, Sharon a human scientist;
Guera a planet of the Variants. The Guerans have retained an intact human form, but the Hausman effect resulted in the development of mental diseases so that the Gueran society consisted of people suffering from various diseases and mental disorders. To facilitate communication between them the system of kaja was introduced. The Guerans have also established the Guild that was supposed to allow and control space travels, as only the Guild outpilots were able to travel in the ainniq. It s also Guerans who decided to break the Isolation of the Earth and allow Terrans to use the superluminal travel controlled by the Guild. The Guerans were recognizable because of their black robes and the kaja painted black on their faces;
Guild the organization founded by Guerans, controlling the entire space (superluminal) travels; only the Guild outpilots, victims of a severe psychic syndrome, were able to see the sana and to navigate the ainniq. The main aim of the Guild was to facilitate the contacts between every single race of Variants of humantity; it was ruled by a Guildmaster Prime or Guildmistress Prima;
Guildmaster/ Guildmistress the second highest rank in the Guild;
Harmony Node A node of the ainniq, serving the Tridac station;
Harrington, Bent Torch’s true name;
Harrington, Randoll J. a fake ID used by Phoenix to get Toch’s mort log, supposedly that of a cousin on the father’s side;
Hauck a popular model of the brainware processor;
Hausman League a xenophobic anti-Terran organization that was behind the creation of Lucifer; Devlin Gaza had some ties with it;
Hausman Variants Variants of humanity, changed as far as appearance and mind processes go due to the influence of the Hausman effect; the Variants were feared and abhorred on Terra proper and its stations;
Hausman, Victor a human scientist, who constructed the super-luminal engine, thus allowing humans to spread throughout the cosmos. Unfortunately, he was unaware of what effects would such a travel have on human genom; thus his invention resulted in the differentiation of humanity outside of the Earth into so-called Hausman Variants;
Hellsgate a planet inhabited by Variants; they are long-limbed and the movements of their hands imitate a kind of speech; the jewels from Hellsgate seem their main export product;
Holism a philosophical system analysing the outernet as a living system, designed by Kio Masada;
Hsing, Luis a Guildmaster, sent to convince Kio Masada to cooperate with the Guild in solving the riddle of the virus;
Hydra a planet with several moons;
Inpilot the person piloting a ship in normal space;
Iotha a race of Variants with strange-looking face and skull;
Iru a kaja, used by Kio Masada (with additions of other patterns) and his late wife;
Jamie Jamisia’s pet name used by her tutor and her lover Justin;
Jamisia see Shido, Jamisia
Jamisia’s tutor a nameless corporate worker of Shido corporation, taking care of Jamisia during the experiments; he broke the orders of the corporation, sent her away safely during the Tridac attack and implanted dreams in her mind, allowing her to discover her true identity; he was probably killed during the attack;
Janet a codename for the research project on Jamisia’s personalities;
Jovanne Chandras Delhi’s Anduluvian secretary;
Kaja 1. a complicated pattern of face paintings and/or tatoos used on Guera to facilitate comunication, 2. a type/group in the society to which a Gueran belonged;
Kandra an alias Jamisia was using on Paradise station when dealing with Phoenix and Nuke;
Karmen a secretary (servant?) of the Prima on Tiananmen Station;
Katlyn Jamisia’s seductive personality responsible for her sexual behaviour;
Kent, Ian Alexander a Guilmaster, quiet and handsome; once an outpilot, he had lost his abilities in a docking accident (he lost colour sight) and chose the career in the Guild instead. Emotionally broken by his accident, he was trying to find solace in trying to paint the ainniq, while stopping the medication controlling his syndrome. During one of such sessions he was murdered to provide Devlin Gaza with an alibi and it was suggested that he was the leak within the Guild and the one that gave the creator of the Lucifer virus a secret Guild code;
Kita a kaja;
Kohein and Sangh the (fake?) lawyer’s firm, supposedly dealing with Jamisia’s business;
Kohein, Arnel a (false?) lawyer who signed Jamisia’s fake papers concerning the need of transportation aboard Aurora;
Laki a race of Variants that has almost completely lost the ability to think;
Lampada IV a station where Phoenix has once gotten himself into some kind of trouble;
Lansing Habitat Jamisia’s fake place of origins, part of her “lifestory” invented to allow her escape;
Lilitu a kaja, used by Chandras Delhi;
Lisalia a person (?) or a place (?) by/from which a copy of the Lucifer virus to analyse was sent to Phoenix;
Lord’s Keep a planet/station;
Lucifer the code name of the destructive computer virus designed by Devlin Gaza as a part of the plot heading to the new Isolation of Earth; Kio Masada was hired by the Guild to solve its mystery which he did with the help of Phoenix;
Lux Aeterna a person/organization that signed the Lucifer message intercepted by Anton Varsav’s team;
Maraneck Corporation a clothing desing corporation;
Masada, Kio A Gueran scientist, an iru, one of the world’s leading specialists in data security systems. A professor at the University of Guera. His wife, a composer and an iru like himself, was killed after ten years of marriage in a pod accident. On a request from the Guild he left Guera to work on the virus in the outernet. There he accidentally contacted Phoenix with whose help he finally managed to find the creator of the Lucifer virus. It is implied that he was the one who suggested taking Jamisia to Guera instead of killing her after her outpilot skills have resurfaced;
Mata Hari Concourse a place where Nuke lived and where Phoenix first met Jamisia;
Medusa a slang name for Sumi’s home planet;
Mercury an inship aboard which Masada and Hsing were travelling;
Mitsui a Terran habitat (Jamisia once went there for a concert);
Mod, moddie a person whose brainware has been modified later in life; such a procedure was illegal and dangerous;
Mohammed’s City a closed district on the metroliner Aurora, inhabited by a quasi-Muslim Traditionalist sect, with extremely severe rules and the slavery still existing. Jamisia and Justin tried to break into it, which resulted in the mental breakdown of Jamisia and her realizing that there was more than one personality within her;
Monroy, J. Xavier a scholar;
Moskva a prison station in the Guera node, where Devlin gaza was kept before the execution;
Nagasaki, Harlan Once a Guildmaster Prime;
Nagoni a model of interface used for outernet;
Nanango a kaja;
Nantana a kaja, used by Luis Hsing and also by Devlin Gaza;
Natsiq a kaja, used by outpilots and some Guildmasters;
New Aryan Nation a xenophobic and racist anti-Variant organization active in the Adamantine Node, with their own station;
New Hebrides a planet/station;
New Hope a Guild station; a copy of the Lucifer virus found there was sent to the Guild headquarters for analysis;
New Tokyo a planet/station;
New Washington a planet/station;
Node a place where ainniq lines connect; therefore only in the nodes it is possible for the ships to come out of the ainniq;
Northstar Hotels a chain of hotels on Aires back to whose systems a copy of Lucifer was tracked by Kio Masada; that lead to him contacting Phoenix and finally to the discovery of the virus’ creator;
Nuke a hacker-nerd, one of Phoenix’s friends;
Obantu a planet/station;
Omesi a composer whose works were an inspiration for Kio Masada’a late wife;
Onegin, Maxwell a philosopher (?)
Otta a kaja;
Outpilot the person piloting a ship in the ainniq;
Outspace Guild see Guild
Paradise a Guild station, a domain of Sonondra Ra, where Jamisia met Phoenix;
Petroy one of Phoenix and Nuke’s associates who directed Jamisia to them;
Phoenix a young moddie hacker from Paradise Station who swore to find the Lucifer’s creator after the virus killed some of his friends; he was contacted by Jamisia who asked his help in hacking into her bank account; Katlyn (one of Jamisia’s personalities) seduced him to secure his loyalty and he fell in love with her; meanwhile he was also contacted by Kio Masada, which resulted in their meeting and the offer of cooperation; they travelled together with Jamisia to meet Devlin Gaza and on their way back Phoenix managed to identify the signatures in the Guild security codes as identical with those of the maker of Lucifer, thus unveiling Devlin Gaza as the creator of the virus; he was finally separated with Jamisia and offered the position in Sonondra Ra’s team of hackers; see Andres, Michal
Porsha, Allonzo Allo’s full name;
Prosperity a node and a station, the domain of Ian Kent;
Ra, Sonondra a Guildmistress, head of the Paradise station, blind and using the jewel-sensors embedded in her skin to imitate eyesight; beautiful, sensual and hedonistic, she was, however, efficient enough to save Jamisia from the Tridac Corporation;
Raj a kaja, used (partially) by Devlin Gaza;
Rajastar University a university whose servers Phoenix used to hie his trail while trying to contact an unknown author of the encoded messsage sent to him (i.e. Kio Masada);
Raven one of Jamisia’s personalities, with computing skills and interest in programming, trained in piloting ships;
Rejik Station one of the Guild stations (ainniq nodes), the place where Jamisia left the metroliner;
Rodac a station in the Reijik node;
Rome, Alex a Gueran scientist;
Rusa a kaja;
Rutherford, Harold E. a human scientist fighting the dangers of technology;
Salvationers a race of Variants;
Sana a dangerous drug that Allo was smuggling;
Sana the dragons of the ainniq;
Sarayevo, Alma once a Guildmistress;
Saurin a race of Variants, covered with scales;
Sensuzi one of the scientists involved in the experimentation with Jamisia’s personality; Jamisia saw the scene in an induced dream;
Sergey a Terran, an owner of the Casino Royale in Paradise Station, a lover of Sonondra Ra;
Serpent’s Reach Station one of the Guild stations (ainniq nodes), a domain of Chandras Delhi;
Shea one of the scientists involved in the experimentation with Jamisia’s personality; Jamisia saw the scene in an induced dream;
Shido a Terran habitat, owned by the Shido Corporation, where Jamisia lived, destroyed by the raid of the Tridac Corporation;
Shido Corporation a Terran corporation that adopted Jamisia after the death of her parents in order to stimulate her psychic disorder and thus train a human outpilot;
Shido, Jamisia the first human (Terran, non-Gueran) to be able to navigate the ainniq. Born in Sol City on 1.11.37 Earth Standard Calendar; her parents died in a collapse of Haido City Center. She was adopted by Shido Corporation at the age of 7, having survived 16 days under the rubble. That experience resulted in a severe trauma and the beginning of the multiple personality disorder. The development of the personality disorder was stimulated by the experiments of Shido. At 16, during the takeover of Shido, she escaped with the help of her tutor, travelling on the metroliner Aurora for three years to the ainniq node and the Reijik Station; she was followed by the Earth security forces and the intelligence of the Guild were following her movements. During the 3-year-long travel she has learnt about her multiple personalities and how to cooperate with the Others. She escasped the Station aboard Allo’s smuggler ship, heading for Paradise Station, but during the Immigration control a Guild probe was injected into her arm. It was found by the crew and Jamisia feared that they may try to kill her when she’s unconscious during the ainniq passage, which is why she (or rather Derik, one of her personalities) decided to enter it non-sedated and conscious. On Paradise, she escaped and met Phoenix who became her (Katlyn’s) lover and decided to help her. They were contacted by Kio Masada and travelled with him for the meeting with Devlin Gaza concerning Lucifer. On the way back, in a crisis situation, she was forced to accept her last personality, that of an utterly mad outpilot,which managed to get the ship thought the ainniq. She has been finally taken to Guera to learn how to live with her personality;
Shru a kaja, used by Anton Varsav;
Simba a kaja, used by Alya Cairo and Devlin Gaza;
Sinclair a planet/station;
Sitech a biotech corporation;
Sonroya an expensive and top class computing equipment produced on Frisian and used by Kio Masada;
Sons of Perdition a religious sect into the archives of which Torch broke, thus committing a blasphemy;
Sortey-6 a hacker (?) author of On Human Power;
Starshine, Ima a viddie star;
Station Aires a station in space; it produces candies that could be bought on the metroliners;
Stevar, Jon Jamisia’s father, he died in a transport accident (identity given in fake files, uncertain, at least the cause of death is false!);
Sumi Ireta a tentacled Medusan officer on Allo’s ship; Jamisia (Katlyn) was attempting to seduce him to secure his help in her plans; he discovered the probe in her arm;
Sumpter minor character, a dean at the Gueran University;
Talrand, Malo a historian (?) or philosopher (?);
Tam-Tam a Belial member of Allo’s crew, one of the twins;
Tanji a kaja;
Tarn a Belial member of Allo’s crew, one of the twins;
Tensan a kaja;
Termillian someone whose war codes were broken by Stivan Dici;
Tiananmen Station the main seat of the Guild where the Prime/ Prima resided;
Torch a hacker, a friend of Phoenix, famous for his achievements: he broke into the penitentiary records of Dormia Station and the secret files of the Sons of Perdition. He died trying to handle the Lucifer virus;
Towcester one of the scholars at the Gueran University;
Trash a hacker, one of Phoenix’s friends;
Tridac a station belonging to the Tridac corporation;
Tridac Enterprises a biotech corporation that took over and destroyed Shido Habitat in 54;
Tridac, Janet Austria a corporate worker from Earth, a research technician;
Tridac, Janet Dian a maintenance worker from an Earth’s habitat;
Tridac, Miclas a corporate worker from the Tridac station, responsible for the Tridac search for Jamisia; he was fooled by Sonondra Ra to believe in the death of the girl;
United Terran Front a xenophobic anti-Variant organization active in the Adamantine Node, with their own station; suspected for some time of being behind the creation of Lucifer;
Variants see Hausman Variants
Varsav, Anton a Guildmaster, head of the Adamantine Station, hysterical and hyperactive;
Veridian a race of Variants with eyes on stalks;
Verina Jamisia’s most reasonable and logical personality;
Waterfall Hotel a posh hotel on Paradise station where Kio Masada was staying;
Wayward an inship where Allo has placed his tracking device;
Withers, Janet an explorer with whose name the seventh moon of Hydra was named;
Yakimi a kaja;
Yin a race of Variants with psychic abilities and crippled bodies;
Yuri a kaja, used by Sonondra Ra;
Zanny Jamisia’s childish and infantile personality;
Zusu Jamisia’s self-destructive and hysterical personality;

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